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What is Storage?

Storage has been around for many years, although lots of people in the UK don’t know it exists. As London is forever shrinking, with more and more people moving here, properties are being crammed into small spaces meaning less and less space in the home.

Research suggests 9 out of 10 people in America have their own storage room, over the pond it is common practice to have some extra space. Here in the UK the figure is much lower with only 1 in 10 having extra storage space.

You’ll probably need storage space for your belongings at some stage in your life. You could be moving home, or re-decorating your house. Perhaps you’re clearing the spare room for a new arrival. Whatever the reason, you can store your things in our clean, secure storage rooms for just 7 days or for as long as you want.

If you are stuck between houses in a moving chain, whether you’re looking to get back the use of your garage or just fancy a big clear out of all your clutter, storage is a flexible, convenient and surprisingly affordable solution.

How much does storage cost?

This is a very hard question to answer, as there are so many factors to consider;

  • What part of town is the storage place?

Companies on the high street will almost certainly be charging a premium.

  • Are they full?

If the storage company are at full capacity or close to it, the price will also be at a premium.

  • What size of storage will be needed?

There are many different sizes of storage space, all of which have a different price attached to them.

  • How long?

If you are looking to store long term, you may obtain a better price than if it was only for a few days.

What size will I need?

The best way to decide exactly what size of storage space you will need, is to measure everything you wish to store. This may not be completely accurate as some items are not stackable or too fragile to have things resting on top. This may mean you need a larger space to accommodate for awkward items. If you are stuck, contact us for some help.

Below are some illustrative examples to help you decide.

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