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Storage Checklist

Storage Checklist

Please read the below checklist of things you will need in place prior to moving your items into storage.

Insurance Cover

SwiftlyStored offer a comprehensive insurance whilst your items are stored with us. All items must be insured for the full duration of your stay. It’s like renting a flat, the landlord would take care of the buildings insurance, it would then be your responsibility for the contents insurance. Storage units work in the same way. This must be in place prior to your goods being moved in.

Direct Debit Payments

Your initial payment and deposit will be taken by a bank transfer, all following payments will be taken by direct debit. Upon signing your licence agreement we will also complete the direct debit forms.


To maintain the upmost security of your items SwiftlyStored require 2 forms of ID.
1. Photographic ID (passport, driving licence)

2. Proof of your address with either a recent bank statement or utility bill. The addresses on both forms of ID must correspond with each other.

A Contact Number for Emergency.

Should an emergency arise, a separate name and contact number will be needed.

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Here at SwiftlyStored we want to make your experience with storing your goods go as smoothly as possible, you may be moving home or refurbishing your current home. There are many different reasons why you may want to store your items, it’s not as daunting as it may seem. Put together any questions you may have then contact us here and we will work everything out for you. The correct space and the correct price.

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